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What You Need to Know About Our Custom Medical Kits

At DeWeese Engineering, our business is to build custom medical kits to protect doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and above all, patients. When it comes to the dangers of handling hazardous drug spills, it is our duty to give you, the doctors and hospital staff, high quality products so no harm comes to you or your patients. We completely understand that accidents happen and situations can be extremely hard to prevent, but we believe that if our products and services can do a tremendous job in protecting the lives of you and your patients, it would really make our job even more rewarding and gives us the energy and drive to continue to work and protect you and others for many years to come.

We can most certainly put together a fully customizable medical kit that fits your needs.

We offer shoe protection, chemo gowns, absorbent towels, specialty gloves and so much more in our kits. At a moments notice, we can provide custom medical kits that include any protective tools and gear you need to prevent work-related spills and accidents.

Imagine having a medical kit that can increase the livelihood of you and your staff in the prevention of hazardous and dangerous drug spills. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

If you don’t have a medical kit in your faculty and you need to have one right this minute, please do not hesitate to contact us here to build your custom medical kits. Also, if you need to find out more information, you can call us at (662) 892-8054 and we will respond to you immediately.


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