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Procedure Kit



Procedure Kits

Gravity Set:

B Braun, Filtered IV, Administration Set, w/Universal Spike, Back Check Valve, Two ULTRASITE Injection Sites, Supor Membrane 0.2 pum Air Eliminating Filter, and Spin-Lock Connector. 15 Drops/mL, 104” long, Priming Volume 19mL (approx.) Reference 352437.

IV Catheter:

BD, Insyte Autoguard, 22GA 1.00IN, 0.9 X 25mm, 35ml/min, Shielded I.V. Catheter, Radiopaque, Nonpyrogenic, Sterile, Single Use Only. Reference 381423

Sterile H20, 50mL:

Hospira/Pfizer 50mL, Single Dose, Sterile Water for Injection, USP. For Drug Diluent Use. Sterile, nonpyrogenic. Reference NDC 0409-4887-24

Saline 250cc Bag:

B Braun 0.9% Sodium Chloride, Injection USP, 250mL Excel Container, Each 100mL contains; Sodium Chloride USP 0.9 g; Water for injection USP qs, ph adjusted with HCI NF, Sterile Nonpyrogenic, Latex Free. Reference No. L8002.

Saline, 50mL:

Hospira/Pfizer 50mL, Single Dose,0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP, Preservative Free. Each mL contains sodium chloride, 9mg. May contain HCIand/orNaOH for ph adjustment. Sterile, nonpyrogenic 0.308 m0smil/ml (calc). Reference NDC 0409-4888-06.


Cypress Medical Products, 18” X 1” Single Use, Textured, Latex Free Tourniuquet. Reference No. 63-34.

10cc Syringe:

EXEL int. 10mL Disposable Syringe w/Needle, Latex Free Model 10ml Luer Lock Tip w/21G X 1”, Non Toxic, Pyrogen Free, Single Use Only. Reference No. 26252.

10cc Syringe:

BD 10ml Syringe, Luer-Lok, Tip with BD Precision Glide Needle, 21G X 1” (0.8mmx25mm) Sterile. Reference No. 309642.

30cc Syringe:

BD 30mL Syringe w/out Needle,Luer Lok Tip. Latex Free, Reference No. 302832.

Paper Tape:

3M Micropore, Surgical Tape, 1”x10yd 2.5cmx9.1m, Latex Free, Hypoallergenic. Reference No. 1530-1.

Alcohol Prep Pad:

Alcohol Prep Pad, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Anti-bacterial Action, an Antiseptic Skin Cleanser before injection, Four layer wrapper for air tight seal preventing leakage. Reference No. NDC 60913-007-02

Iodine Prep, PVP Pad:

Medline Antiseptic Povidone-Iodine, USP Prep Pad, Medium, Saturated with a 10% Povidone-Iodine solution, equivalent to 1% Iodine. Reference No. NDC 53329-941-09.


Dynarex Flexible1” X 3”, (25mm X 76mm) Fabric Bandages, Latex Free, Sterile w/Non Stick Pad. Reference No. 3612.

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