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Spill Response Guide

If there’s a hazardous spill that has occurred in your facility, having a spill kit that’s accessible for your staff is extremely important. When it comes to spill kits, it is always best to have your materials and protective gear in one location. The main reason is to make sure your staff is fully prepared and to mitigate any harm from spills that can affect themselves and their patients.

Let’s say that you have witnessed a spill and you immediately grab your kit to prevent the spill from spreading to others. What would be your course of action?

Your Spill Response Guide

  1. Container: The first thing one must do is to get a container that’s chemical resistant. Make sure that your container is a 5-gallon size and it has a sealable lid.
  2. Protective Equipment: You should have these personal protective pieces of equipment at the minimum: two pairs of chemical splash goggles, two pairs of chemical-resistant gloves, two pairs of plastic, vinyl, or rubber shoe covers, and two disposable lab coats, aprons, or coveralls.
  3. Absorption Materials: When it comes to your spill kit, it should include all of these absorption materials such as spill pads, spill pillows, and spill socks.
  4. Cleanup Tools and Materials: Once you have absorbed the spill, now is the time to bag it up by using your cleanup tools and materials. These will include heavy duty waste bags, EHS hazardous waste labels, sealing tape, plastic brooms and scoops, and detergents or general cleaners to neutralize the spill.


Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and it is always in the best interest of the staff to have their spill kits easily accessible and to follow a spill response guide to neutralize your area. At DeWeese Engineering, we carry hazardous drug spill cleanup kits for sale for your staff to use in case of an emergency. If you’re currently in need of a spill kit today, please don’t hesitate to consult with us at (662) 892-8054.

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