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How Work-Related Exposure to Hazardous Drugs Can Be Disastrous

For years, we’ve seen research that has been directed to ensure health specialists use extreme caution when it comes to the dangers of work-related exposure to hazardous drugs. Drug medications used for chemotherapy may lead to disastrous effects on people who are prescribed to them in daily dosages. These are the drugs that are supposed to help increase the lifespan of the patients. For example, the introduction to Antineoplastics and Cytotoxic drugs have the potential to cause short and long-term effects to the patient’s bodies such as extreme skin sensitivity, premature delivery, fetal distortions, degenerative diseases and even different types of tumors.

What makes things even more disastrous, a doctor’s staff can be exposed to very harmful drugs through various ways such as breathing in poisonous vapors, chemical absorption through the skin, and contaminated needles being accidentally injected. Accidental chemical spills can lead to work-related exposure to hazardous drugs. The accidental spilling of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs can likewise pollute the work area and risk the lives of your staff. In addition, cleaning work surfaces that have been tainted by drug spills can likewise increase the risk of the chemical exposure to nurses, doctors, and other administrative workers.

To make sure that hazardous drug spills are controlled at work, doctors and staff can formulate a plan when it comes to transferring medical devices, by using biological and chemical safety cabinets and protective gears. At DeWeese Engineering, our hazardous drug spill kits consist of protective chemo gowns, absorbent towels, gloves, shoe covers, scoop pan and brushes, respirators and many more protective materials. All of the materials that are packaged in our kits are high quality and have been tested to clean up any drug spills that can harm your staff and your patients.

To order our hazardous drug spill kits for your doctors, nurses and staff, please enter your information by clicking here or calling(662) 892-8054 for more information. Let us build a safe and secure drug spill kit for you today!

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