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Spill Kits Training For Employees

Unfortunately, spills do occur when you least expect it. For example, a rushed employee can lead to a hazardous spill that can cause serious physical harm to them and to others. When this happens, there must be preventable measures so drug spills can be minimized and your staff and patients can be protected at all times. This is where spill kits training comes into play. You want to make sure that your staff has the knowledge and training to handle hazardous substances that appear on site. They must also be able to learn how to use personal protective equipment when it comes to cleaning up the spill.

Here are the steps below for spill kits training for your employees:

  1. Teach them to be prepared for the worst: You would want your employees to be on high alert regardless if a spill happens or not. When you have your employees properly trained to clean up hazardous drug spills, they will give them the innate ability to keep their workplace cleaner and safer on a consistent basis. This will help them to also quickly recognize spill hazards from occurring in the first place.
  2. Train your employees to have specific roles and responsibilities for spills: It is always best that an employee has a specific role when a spill occurs. An example would be an employee helping to evacuate the area, one to grab the spill kit, and a few others to clean up the spill. When you delegate certain responsibilities to your employees in a drug spill, it helps them to alleviate the chaos and work as a single unit.
  3. Show them how to respond when it comes to a spill: There are steps one must take when responding to a spill. After notifying a supervisor of the incident, an employee can block the area where the spill occurred. Then, other employees can grab the spill kit which will come with protective gears such as latex-free gloves, goggles, disposal bags, and labels. Once the spill is neutralized, all of the materials that are hazardous will need to be placed in disposal bags and properly labeled.


Spills can be preventable when your employees go through spill kits training. When your staff is dealing with hazardous drugs on a daily basis, they will be fully prepared when a spill occurs in the area or not. At DeWeese Engineering, we carry hazardous drug spill cleanup kits for sale for your staff to use in case of an emergency. If you’re currently in need of a spill kit today, please don’t hesitate to consult with us at (662) 289-8054.

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